College previews coming up

I realize that I’ve been going on and on about the WNBA lately, and obviously, because it’s the playoffs. One of the best series in years, too. But I love the late season this year because almost the minute it’s over it will be time for college ball. Basketball year-round, baby!

I’ve been asking for and getting women’s basketball team prospecti (at least I think that’s the plural for prospectus) from the PAC-10 and SEC conferences. I may do a few other schools, but there are many conferences in the US and I’m not sure if I’d have time to preview every single program. The PAC-10 is of interest to me as it’s our main West coast league, and because my friend and I are new UCLA season ticket holders. The SEC conference is a gimmie for me (duh). So those are my main focus points for now. But if anyone would like to see a team outside those conferences previewed, please drop a comment and I’ll see what I can do.

It’s interesting to see how fast some schools respond to requests for prospecti. Some media relations reps respond almost immediately; they check their email on weekends. Others take a few days. Some have to be asked again. And again. One school so far hasn’t responded to three email requests and a phone call from me, and that is Stanford. If they end up ignoring me completely, who knows what I may write about the Cardinal.

*evil laugh*


  1. I’m also interested in Stanford. Nneka Ogwumike will make a splash in this rookie yr of hers, and i think Stanford will make the Final Four.

    3 Players to watch for this upcoming Women’s college baskeball season.

    Maya Moore – Uconn
    Glory Johnson – Tenn
    Nneka Ogumike – Stanford

    and i’ll be rooting for all three of them. Imagine that?

  2. I’m also keenly interested in those players. I’ve received reports from my Tennessee people, who have been to the recent open practices, that Johnson is the Real Deal, Holyfield. I look at the new UT team picture and I barely know who anyone is anymore, but I can’t wait to see them.