The wild, wild West


Sparks beat first-place San Antonio Saturday, and second-place Seattle lost Sunday. Sparks beat Minnesota last night, putting them solidly in third place in the Western Conference. Now, the Liberty just beat Houston in OT (fun game to watch, too), which puts them another game back and out of the playoff race for now.

In the meantime, New York and Detroit are neck and neck in the East. Only Connecticut has a playoff berth so far. The next week and a half will be a tangled fight for several teams. Yum! I love playoff time.

The Sparks looked real good last night. Spencer was lookin like the old Sid. I hope she and Bobbitt are getting their confidence back, as it appears to us fans. Sparks were puttin on a defensive show, and Leslie was havin a block party. Parker was the one who really dazzled, though. The girl is ridiculous.

Like Neo, she is The One.

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  1. Hi,

    I was looking for information on the Sparks playoff run and stumbled across your blog. I really enjoy your point of view on the game and the activities surrounding the game. I met Lisa Leslie in Las Vegas a couple of years ago and have followed her since then. The addition of my favorite college player (Ms. Parker) to the team makes it even more interesting. It must be fun to be there and get to enjoy the games.

    We had a WNBA team in Miami (I’m in Naples, FL) but it folded so no chance to see the team except on TV and it’s generally on TOO LATE for me.

    Thanks for keeping us informed.


  2. Hey Steve,

    Thanks so much for your comment. It is great to hear from the state of Florida.

    The Sol were a good team, and I was so sorry when they folded. You had the hellacious Debbie Black, who was easy to hate if she wasn’t on your team. What a player.

    I’ll be happy to keep providing the game reports, as I think the Sparks are headed to the playoffs. 🙂 Thanks for tuning in.